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Seuil-Lab: Who are we?

Seuil-Lab is a space for creation and investigation created and directed by Vivian Fritz and inspired by the concept “threshold” (seuil in french) a place that breaks with space and time in order to produce encounters between people, cultures and disciplines without borders. The “threshold” is created by the interaction between “real” and “virtual” mediated by telepresence and other technological devices. Its main objective is to promote innovative creation with the use of different technical devices in the performing arts.


Challenge DANCE + VIDEO !

Challenge DANCE + VIDEO !

The Geodanse lab is launching a challenge : dancing around the world with no physical or cultural borders whatsoever. Those who will face the challenge are kindly required to create a short video clip (no longer than one minute) and to post it on Geodanse’s facebook group. The clip should depict your own reflection about the topic « my frontiers, your frontiers » through contemporary solo dance. The video clip you’ll post will be included into a setting-performance which will be displayed in France, Chile and elsewhere…

Deadline : between 22 and 31 august 2016.

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Danza y tecnologías: hacia nuevas escrituras coreográficas

Danza y tecnologías: hacia nuevas escrituras coreográficas

(Français) “Danse et nouvelles technologies vers d’inédites écritures chorégraphiques” (Danza y nuevas tecnologías hacia nuevas escrituras coreográficas) es el título de la tesis doctoral de la coreógrafa e investigadora Vivian FRITZ, en Artes del espectáculo, especialidad en danza. La defensa de tesis será transmitida en directo (en francés) el próximo 5 de junio, a las 9:00 horas de Chile (14 horas de Francia), desde la sala Evolution du Portique, Facultad de Artes de la Universidad de Estrasburgo, Francia.

“Danse et nouvelles technologies vers d’inédites écritures chorégraphiques” est le titre de la thèse doctoral de Vivian FRITZ. La soutenance sera transmise en temps réel le 5 juin à partir de 14 heures en France et 9 heures au Chile. Elle aura lieu dans la salle Evolution du Portique de la Faculté des Arts de l’Université de Strasbourg.

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